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Build the future of identity with us!

At Keyo, our global team of engineers, designers and leaders are shaping the future of identity.

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We place people’s identity in the palm of their hand.

Keyo is built around the belief that all a person needs to prove who they are and access what’s theirs... is themselves.

No more keys to unlock your home. No more wallets or phones to pay at stores. No more IDs to verify that you are who you say you are.

To make this a reality, our technology allows businesses of all kinds to easily adopt palm vein authentication. With Keyo, people are clocking into work, paying for a coffee, or redeeming a ticket with a wave of their palm.

Many exciting challenges lie ahead of us. As Keyo continues to grow, so do our opportunities to get private, safe identification into the palms of more people.

We’re on a mission to help build a world in which we want to live - one that brings the convenience and security of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security, and personal freedom. We’re looking for folks like you to help us achieve our vision.


What we’re up against

  • Overreliance on physical proxies of IDs, keys, tickets, cards, etc.
  • Ever-evolving fradulent techniques to steal people’s identities
  • Biometric modalities that encroach upon people’s privacy and freedom
  • A serious lack of customization in the biometrics market

Why Palm Vein Recognition?

Palm vein recognition offers a standard of privacy and security that no other biometric modality can. It’s internal to the body and requires a person’s consent before identification, making it privacy-by-design.

With palm vein authentication, businesses can adopt and scale privacy-first biometrics, gaining the confidence to responsibly solve their specific vulnerabilities.

While we’ve been working with palm vein biometrics since day one, it’s just the beginning for Keyo. We see rapid changes in the digital world shaping the future, meaning that how the world uses identity will inevitably have to change as well.


Keyo Values

The core values that guide Keyo and shape our company.


With trust, comes great responsibility.

Our foundation is built on security, privacy and an incredible user experience.


Be creative. Be kind. Be conscious.

Creative thinking solves human problems.

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Our individual identity comes from a lineage

Each one of us is part of the human experience- a collective identity that comes from the past and extends to the future.


We are all unique

Like the vein patterns in our palms, we are all unique. At Keyo, we embrace diversity of every kind.


A safe ID is a fundamental right

At our core, we believe that every human deserves a safe ID. This means that a person has control over their identity, that it will be responsibly stored, and that it will be protected from abuse by regulations and policies which put people’s wellbeing and freedom first.


Keyo invests in the wellness of its employees

We value the health and wellbeing of our team, in and out of the home office. As a remote-first company, we strive to create a culture of communication, inclusion and respect. We’re always looking for creative ways to have fun and strengthen team relationships across the globe.

Paid parental leave
Employee stock purchase plan
Paid Time Off
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Every week we publish a research piece that explores identity, biometrics, privacy, and some of the largest questions that the industry faces.