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Touchless Stadium

Apr 6, 2021 by Betsy Floyd

People are beginning to crave live events again. They miss their sports teams, favorite musicians and the unique experiences hosted at stadiums and large venues. The need for safely reopening is here and it makes sense that businesses are searching for tools to help them do so.

We think contactless biometrics can be a great asset, but the process of adopting biometric technology isn’t exactly the most accessible information. Plus, it’s not something you can make up as you go along.

That’s why Keyo decided to share Touchless Stadium with you.

This white paper is intended to break down the basics into parts that anyone can follow along and understand. We’ve identified the most important steps to evaluate and decisions to weigh. There are questions to prompt conversations, tips to keep handy and context for the biometrics industry as a whole.

We hope this document brings some clarity and understanding of how contactless biometrics can be added to your reopening plan. If you finish reading the white paper and you’re got questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to provide further guidance and help you get closer to opening day.

Touchless Stadium

4 Factors You Should Consider When Adding Contactless Biometric Identification to Your Reopening Strategy

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Touchless Stadium

Learn about the process of adopting touchless biometric identification