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The Privacy Focused Identity Platform
Alestra Fest 2020 Preview

Feb 28, 2020 by Tamara Wilson

At Keyo, we are thrilled to announce that we will be attending Alestra Fest 2020, the largest digital innovation fair in Mexico. Along with some of the most important technological innovation companies in the region, Keyo will be demonstrating its innovative access control, payment, and ticketing solution, based on palm vein biometrics.

In addition, Enrique Mercado, our Country Manager for Mexico, will present a TEDTalk "Vulnerable Identity: What can we do to recover it?" inside the sala INSPIRA.

Schedule a demo to test our palm vein solutions and meet Enrique in Mexico City on March 5 at Pepsi center, Monterrey, on March 19 in Cintermex or Guadalajara on March 26 at Expo Guadalajara.

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The Privacy-Focused Identity Platform

Keyo is a privacy-focused identity platform that allows users to pay in stores, unlock doors, redeem tickets, identity themselves, and more with a contactless scan of the palm. Once a user signs up, they can use Keyo across the platform. Our palm vein technology is suitable for a large variety of applications across many industries and is perfect for companies looking to improve security, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Access Control

Keyo's TrueID™ access control system gives your organization unparalleled security without sacrificing convenience.

  • Instantly grant or revoke access permissions via Keyo's easy-to-use console
  • Group and restrict access to areas down to specific doors, certain days and times
  • Best-in-class accuracy and built-in liveness tests make Keyo the most secure biometric on the market


Give your customers a faster, more secure, and convenient way to pay.

  • Allow your customers to make payments quickly and securely without need anything
  • Reduce costs by eliminating card fraud
  • Other seamless rewards programs with our built-in loyalty system


Keyo's integration-ready API and SDK can integrate with your current ticketing solution to offer your customers a seamless experience.

  • Allow your customers to pay for and redeem tickets with a simple wave of their palm
  • Reduce lines and increase efficiency at counter checkout and ticket lines
  • Learn and optimize with Keyo's aggregated customer data

ID Solutions

Have a custom project that requires true identity? Keyo's TrueID™ solutions can integrate with almost any modern system.

  • Lower deployment and implementation costs
  • Increase security and efficiency
  • Reduce liability by using Keyo's TrueID™ platform

If you want to know more about our technology and how it can help you solve security, time management, and assistance and ticket issues in your company, visit us at Alestra Fest.

Our team will be available to answer your questions; besides, you can try our solution yourself. To schedule an appointment with the Keyo team in Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey, click below.






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