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Securely connect everything with the KeyoID API

The KeyoID API is an identification and authentication layer that can be integrated into nearly any business application.

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Keyo is industry agnostic.

Our API enables a wide range of business needs that could use secure, convenient and contactless identity authentication. Here’s a few to get started.

Appointment Check-In

Link your appointment software with Keyo. All your customers need to check-in, is a contactless wave of their palm.


Ticket Redemption

Integrate your ticketing software with Keyo. All your customers need to redeem their ticket, is a contactless wave of their palm.


Employee Time Clock

Link your Time Clock Solution with Keyo and offer a privacy-centric biometric to your clients.


Payment Processing

Link your payment processing to Keyo. All your customers need to pay, is a contactless wave of their palm.


Age Verification

Integrate your age verification software to Keyo and offer your clients a verified age backed by a privacy-focused biometric.


Building Security

Link your building security to Keyo. We are access control-ready. Weigand, OSDP and Relay.


Launch fast with Keyo’s developer tools.

Our modern developer tools make integrations easy. You’re not building anything from scratch, and you don’t need a robust developer team to add Keyo to your company. Spend less time building and more time focusing on core customer and product experiences.

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Explore the possibilities with Keyo’s developer tools.

Integrations don’t have to be so complicated or limited. Keyo’s API and SDK allows you to build what you need and avoid legacy biometric technology.

Keyo Integration Model

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