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Be You. Be Free.
We believe that people should have control over their privacy, data security & personal freedom.
Keyo empowers people to manage their identity on their terms

We're forced to carry around a variety of objects in order to prove our identity and access what's ours in the physical and digital world. This way of moving through the world is vulnerable to theft, loss, forgetfulness - the realities of being a modern human.


So Keyo set out to create a solution that places your identity in the palm of your hand — opening up the ability for you to make payments, unlock doors, redeem tickets, and more... just by being you.


Our first Keyo terminals were used for building security and later, identifying patients in healthcare settings. Now, we’ve branched out to multiple industries and are growing a Keyo network that delivers a seamless, secure identity authentication experience.


We’re on a mission to help build a world in which we want to live - one that brings the convenience of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security, and personal freedom.

Keyo Values
With trust comes
great responsibility
Our foundation is built on security, privacy and an incredible user experience.
A safe ID is a fundamental right.
At our core, we believe that every human deserves a safe ID.
This means that a person has control over their identity, that it will be responsibly stored, and that it will be protected from abuse by regulations and policies which put people’s wellbeing and freedom first.
We are all unique.
Like the veins in our palms, we are all unique. At Keyo we embrace diversity of every kind.
Be creative. Be kind.
Be conscious.
Creative thinking to solve human problems.
Life at Keyo

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