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Keyo replaces your IDs, credit cards, tickets & keys with a contactless scan of your palm.

Unlock doors, pay in store and verify your identity with a wave of your hand. Move through the world with more safety, privacy and ease than ever.

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You are unique enough.

Inside of your palm lies a vein pattern that is completely unique to you. This is enough for you to authenticate yourself, without the need for any other physical proof of identity.



Imagine this...

No more IDs to verify that you are who you say you are. No more keys to unlock your home. No more wallets or phones to pay in stores.

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Pay and earn rewards with a palm scan.

Keyo lets you breeze through the checkout process. Choose your preferred credit or debit card and tip amount at the Keyo terminal, or go with your pre-selected favorite. You also earn loyalty points every time you scan to pay.


Enter events and redeem tickets with a simple wave.

Walk into a stadium by just scanning your palm and skip the hassle of long lines. Unlock your suite and pay for your beer in seconds.

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Never forget your badge, fob or keys again.

You are all that you need to clock in and out of work, unlock doors, identify yourself, enter restricted areas and operate restricted devices.

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How Keyo works -

The technology is called palm vein recognition.

We all have unique vein patterns inside of our palms. The only thing is, you can’t see the patterns with the naked eye.

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Can never be copied

Keyo’s palm scanners use near-infrared cameras to identify you by your palm vein pattern. Since your palm vein pattern is internal, it can’t be copied, and it can’t be taken without your ‘okay’.


Encryption at enrollment

When you enroll your palms, the Keyo palm scanner changes your palm vein pattern into a unique, unreadable code. That code is then stored in a highly secure digital vault for your future use.

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You are all you need

Now, your palm acts as your ID, keys, credit card and ticket. We don’t have access to or store images of your palm vein pattern.


Keyo is built by people for people.

Everyone who works at Keyo is a user. We’re on a mission to help build a world in which we want to live - one that brings the convenience of biometrics without compromising privacy, data security, and personal freedom.


Here are our promises to you -

Security is our Priority

Security is where we thrive: Keyo meets all SOC2 standards, we follow top security protocols and we innovate in security everywhere we can.

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Make Life Easier

Life is stressful. That’s why we always provide convenience. With Keyo, there’s no such thing as forgetting or losing your wallet, keys, IDs, tickets or other essentials.


You are in control

You are always in control of your data. Request account activity, see all palm scan records, or delete your account on your personal dashboard. Keyo does not and will never sell your information to third parties.

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Always Available

We want to make sure you can count on Keyo as you travel or move from one place to another. We are building the first truly global ID network with incredible partners around the world.


Places where you can use Keyo.

Everyday, more businesses are joining the Keyo network. The more we expand, the more freely and securely you can move through the world.

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What people are saying

"For us, adopting Keyo meant gaining the highest level of physical security for our facility that also works seamlessly with our critical software systems."
Carlos P. General Manager, All Circuits
“I bought a scone in 10 seconds! When I actually paid with my hand it was a very surreal moment.”
Michael G. User
“Having a touchless technology in a time like now with Coronavirus has been a really good thing.”
John G. Senior Vice President of Construction & Development GNP
“It’s fast. The terminal looks really good, sleek, and classy!”
Ashwini S. Project Coordinator GNP
“I love Keyo! It’s so easy and seamless, and I imagine business owner’s love it because I tend to tip more and spend more with Keyo. Super convenient!!!”
Jennifer K. User
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